Who or What is Core Photography

So who are Core Photography?

Yes Core Photography has arrived with its unique photographic agency services. It is composed of a team of documentary/reportage and fine art photographers who aim to provide you with a unique image and online distribution/ print service. We don’t aim to be your standard photographers, our unique style is what sets us apart from competitors.

Our objective is not to amass a huge list of clients. We would rather have fewer clients than our competitors, instead we are looking to provide a service where you will benefit from our continued search for the perfect image. This makes our service unique as you are essentially commissioning our creative photographic skills, and not just our photographic equipment.

Core Photography’s style suits perfectly those who wish to document their special events, such as weddings with a personal, individual touch in the image captures. It suits corporate clients seeking to document their events or business. It suits event organizers who will require images for the media or even to simply document the event for future promotions. It suits advertisers looking for that special meaning in an image which makes that difference in the message they convey to their potential targeted marketplace.

Core Photography is perfectly matched to work alongside the media and can provide documentary feature photography collections, cover press events and capturing public events catering to news services, both print and broadcast.

Models will also find that our portfolios will add that extra edge; our creative ideas will add that extra ingredient. Our full service could be the difference between you getting the next modelling contract or not.

We also aim to having an extensive collection of stock images relating to Gibraltar, as well as commercial stock images for editorial, advertising and commercial projects to suit your needs. Core Photography also offers an extensive online print on demand service using a network of top branded print vendors, making it easy to download an image, and to purchase a high standard art print copy delivered to your doorstep. We will also respond to your feedback and look at adding to our stock images depending on buyers’ requests. Importantly we can provide tailor-made solutions for you to meet your requirements.

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