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Lincoln women shorten gap with Manchester

SmugMug Lincoln women shorten gap with Manchester

Lincoln Red Imps Ladies 3-0 Manchester 62 Ladies, Women's League Division, Victoria Stadium, Gibraltar – 30th April 2016

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Lincoln women shorten gap with Manchester
Under an intense heat which saw at least one player partially collapse to the ground due to the heat Lincoln Red Imps Ladies were able to reduce the gap between themselves and league leaders Manchester by beating the latter 3-0.
Manchester had no substitute to work with, whilst Lincoln with two on the bench used it to good advantage to keep their players refreshed.
The match saw Lincoln taking the main game to Manchester, with clean passing and a use of the flanks, very much a Lincoln trademark across all the football categories.
Playing with two young players, Lincoln dominated possession and surged time and again forward, threatening Manchester's goal.
An exciting match played on the main pitch (abiet with its own markings for women's matches) saw some refreshing creative play among the women highlighting the vast strides taken by women's football in recent years.
Lincoln's second goal was in itself a talking point as quick touch football was seen with some eight passes, sweeping across the flanks, them spreading the ball wide before it was curled into the top corner of the goal for the small crowds to gasp and cheer at the execution.
Manchester will have to play Lincoln again within the coming weeks, with the two bidding for the league leaders position.

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