Sunday, 1 May 2016

Europa 5-0 Manchester 62

SmugMug Europa 5-0 Manchester 62

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Europa not lowering its guns
Manchester 62 had little to play for, already secure in the knowledge that they would be away from the relegation positions, and having been knocked out of the cup last week by at the time very soon to be champions Lincoln.
Europa, for their part, for those 90 minutes still held a slim, very slim hope, that they might close the gap with Lincoln (something 90 minutes after the match would soon be shown to be just that a slim chance).
As from the very first kick of the ball Europa went into the offensive against a Manchester 62 which seemed to have stayed at home. The goals were soon seen as Rodriguez put in the first one on the fifth minute.
The Green Machine kept up the pressure with Javi Martinez running the show with his quick runs, through balls and crosses which was splitting Manchester's defence apart. By the 19th minutes Manchester were already 2-0, by half time they were looking at a 4-0 deficit.
Manchester had really not been in the game much, with Europa easily cutting them off high in the centre and keeping the defence under pressure through most of the 90 minutes.
Europa lowered a gear in the second half scoring just one goal, although seeing another disallowed.
The Green Machine beating the reds 5-0 in a one side affair between second in the league and mid table strugglers.

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