Thursday, 25 February 2016

CoreSportGib Issue 8 Now out - all the weeks sports new

SmugMug CoreSportGib Issue 8 Now out - all the weeks sports new

The latest issue of CoreSportGib is now out.

Features include interview with Arnold Rogers the half marathon winner.

Full round up of all the athletics events in past week.

Netball special reports, including full match reports of the Elite Travel v Marble Arc and the second division clash that saw the Under 17's play against each other in the Agones-Alwani v Eastgate match.

Report and images of junior hockey.

Report and images on Junior and youth football.

Full report on how Rock Scorpions became champions of this years Super IV league in rugby.

Full round up of futsal first division matches.

Match report on the Gibraltar women's national team match against the RAF, and a full round up, reports and images on the first division men's football.

Plus a round up of other sports news.

To read or download the full magazine got to

additional CoreSportGib brings you a full collection of images of the week's sporting events which can be viewed, alongside all the magazine feature reports at

See more photos from this SmugMug site.

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