Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Vandals deface Chief Minister and Governor's residence

SmugMug Vandals deface Chief Minister and Governor's residence

Report- Gibraltar - 23rd December 2015 - The Royal Gibraltar Police have confirmed that a 49 year old male person has been detained following a series of acts of vandalism late last night when the exterior of the newly refurbished Number Six Convent Place, the Chief Minister's office building, and the exterior of the Kings Chapel, directly next to the Governor's Residence was vandalised through the use of spray painted graffiti slogans.
According to informed sources the male person was detained after a chase through side streets immediately after the incident.
Both the Governor's residence and the Chief Minister's office block, both in the same area, are covered by continous cctv monitoring. The Governor's residence is also the subject of high security with armed guards stationed at the building. Security measures have been questioned today with concerns over the fact that the vandalism was allowed to take place without being directly challenged as it was taking place.
Asked by Core Photography news section to comment on security a Government spokesman stated "The graffiti incident was immediately picked up by OSG security devices and reported to the RGP (Royal Gibraltar Police). A local man was subsequently apprehended. The security arrangements worked very well but are always kept under review."
A clear up of the area was being undertaken this morning after the spray painted walls were left to be examined by police to obtain forensic evidence.

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