Friday, 22 August 2014

Freelancing - The first six roller coaster months heading towards a further six months of pre-determined roller coasters

(New merchandise now on sale as part of our development of photographic image products)

As a freelance photographer in Gibraltar even in the slowest season you have to be ready to provide something to keep yourself going. It's not the easy going 9-5 where you are guaranteed a wage, even if you go on  a long summer vacation, one which is much needed really in this heat. It more like a constant uphill struggle that continues to incline steeper when the seasons slow down because of the heat or even the cold.

As a newbie in the freelance market the perils of hitting a slippery slope are obvious and very much present in everyday activity. What worked today might not work tomorrow, but it will probably work again, however, you have to be ready to hold on tight for that dry, horrendous bump and readjust accordingly to ensure you keep on track.

Then there are the more immediate things in life, like your own team partner, who happens to be your partner herself, also a photographer, being pregnant and being in her last weeks of pregnancy just when the season is at its slowest. Survival is the order of the day, but you cannot forget what you are about. Anyone reading this and thinking of starting a new business in photography, my advice is, if you don't wish the added stress, and your partner is pregnant, wait if you can, but if you are already in it, welcome to the roller coaster ride, which you know will see a smile at the end.

Throughout our first six months in business we have achieved a lot, against all the possible barriers and obstacles we have encountered. From a slow start we became the official show photographers for the Miss Gibraltar Pageant, then the official tournament photographers for the first UEFA Women's development tournament in Gibraltar. Big events, special merely in the fact that they were achieved so close to our launch which demonstrated to us that our work was liked and accepted by more than just a small fan base which we had gathered during our years as enthusiast photographers.

Our commitment to work, even when the markets have not been responding at its best levels to achieve financial stability has also gained us a loyal following which has seen a lot of our work purchased for media use in Spain via agencies we had not expected to approach us. As a former partner in the media sector once said, luck is not something you wait for or get, you make your own luck. Luck is when an opportunity arrives before you and you know to grasp it, and this is much of what we have done when it has happened.

Core Photography's first six months have seen many highs and lows, but in this time we have also learnt many lessons and with them we expect to develop our ideas from.

The next six months we know will be the hardest yet, that is the way we work and think. We do not stop on our laurels and merely work on the things we have and expect them to be there. As slow seasons tell us often, things come and go and slow down. It's what you do with them that counts.

This is why in the next six months we will be restructuring some of the ways we work. Our commitment to photo journalism will continue, but not necessarily in the same fashion. Several key projects will be launched which will provide numerous formats from which to see our coverage of events. We will be working towards distributing more images to stock libraries and extend ourselves less in the lesser news items which we feel there is no adequate market provisions to sell in Gibraltar. However, what we deem to be lesser news items as we know is not necessarily the same ideas others may have so this in itself will set us apart. We will be looking at developing further our photo story digital book ideas. We are already using and, and will be adding our own sections within our own collections to provide digital book formats in pdf styled books for our users to purchase and download.

Amongst the ideas we have tabled to develop are several frequent publication titles where our skills in photography and publishing will be put to good use.

Core Photography will also be developing its own merchandise and print development photographic services for the commercial publishing and printing markets to provide a new variety of products and services for prospective clients.

Most importantly, our greatest focus, now we will soon have the return of one of our key team members Bianca Baglietto, Core Photography will be pushing forward with its unique "Capturing Moments" Photo Sessions. Wedding, family shoots, events sessions and other domestic and commercial clients will see us pushing ahead with our development in this areas, adding new products, offering new packages and promoting ourselves even further where necessary. Get your bookings in now and you might be gladly surprised by offers we might provide details on, once we have them finalised.

All these as part of our revised business plans for the forthcoming six months. The one thing we have achieved and recognised is that it is our unique style which makes us different. Some people will not necessarily like us and might prefer to opt for their own choice of photography styles, yet Core Photography will continue its route and will develop its own style further, we are not glamour, though we could be and sometimes are considered by our work to be, we are not technicians with cameras, you know those who only think of the rules of photography and forget that there are other things in image making, which is what it is really about. We are what we are creatives looking for that moment to capture in every event, assignment and service we provide. Creatives looking for that next creative moment or inspiration, creatives who look at their images and have their view of a final product and will seek to achieve it. Creatives who believe the public deserve more than just the normal every day, they deserve that edge, that extra effort, they deserve what they pay for which is ultimately the use of your creative skills, talent and experience, not just your camera's functions.

For readers of this blog, yes we will be developing this blog further, in our own unique way. After all this blog is not about Core Photography but a personal blog by one of its components, Stephen Ignacio, myself. This will be an area which will be more frequently updated, and which could lead to some surprises, after all the experiences of the past in the media means that sometimes my own views and opinions can take over, and sometimes where Core Photography should not be used, Gibraltar Freelancer will come in useful with its own photo stories or creative moments.

See you soon, believe me you will this time.