Thursday, 27 February 2014

Gallery Slideshow from Core Photography


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Recruiting for Miss Gibraltar at the Piazza
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Stage One the organiser of Miss Gibraltar 2014 today opened a stand at the Piazza to attract more contestants to the Miss Gibraltar 2014 contest. Supported by members of the Gibraltar Tourist Board and former Miss World Kaiane Aldorino the campaign focused on informing young ladies of the opportunities of joining the Miss Gibraltar 2014 contest. Several young ladies indicate their interested. Already four ladies have joined up, although only three have been officially announced, the fourth is yet to be revealed.

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Gibraltar Rugby International Digital Photobook

Gibraltar Rugby - International

By Stephen Ignacio in Gibraltar Sports

40 pages, published 2/26/2014

Images from the friendly international rugby union match between Gibraltar and Israel, played at the Victoria Stadium, Gibraltar, on Saturday 21st February 2014. This was Gibraltar's second victory international victory in under a year on home soil. Photographs by Core Photography

Friday, 21 February 2014

A return to expressions through images

It's been a bit of time since I last updated this blog, and it is quite surprising really. The freedom to speak freely has not really been an inspiration to write much. Quite the contrary really, the freedom to speak has seen me developing more creative ideas through images.
Those who do not know what I mean let me explain quite simply. This week is the first week in 6 years in which I am free to comment openly, expressing my own opinions on politics, general issues, even the police. Why, because for the past six years I was a police officer, quite a contrast from having been a reporter who spoke freely, and due to my status I had to abide by regulations, all of which I voluntarily accepted and which I understood. A public servant should of course ensure that his opinion does not impede him from executing his sworn duties in a neutral and impartial way, without his own opinions clouding his decision making, focus, or sworn duty to act within the parameters of the law.
Hard to do? Very much so if you have opinions, think and do not always believe in what you see or hear, when it comes to opinions. Frankly, though, an interesting concept to think that some 450 Gibraltarians are unable to express their opinions publicly even though they are ultimately your guardians, think, live and have their own personal views.
Having stepped out of the uniform and returned to civilian clothing, with my camera in hand has not inspired the desire to "speak freely". Why? Possibly because after so long without commenting it has become apparent to me that there is not really a necessity to comment on everything, or anything. Anyway social media has taken the edge out of
Actions they say speak louder than words, and so it is that the actions are taking prominence.
This past few weeks the idea of indulging in fine art photography seemed a better prospect than indulging in "free speech." The start of a collection of images "Our National Pride" is nevertheless a statement which even I cannot ignore as being extremely opinionated.
In a society in which two flags fly, one of them many a times out of convenience, images which specifically indulge in portraying the red and white flag can be interpreted in many ways. Some will say that the images deface the red and white, others will not even consider there is an interpretation or meaning to the collection, others will ponder on the implications of such images, whilst others will actually interpret them as the author initially perceived them.
The importance, however, of this collection, is its very existence. Opening a debate on the cultural, social heritage of our society and community, in which we can debate the extend of our own national heritage is part of the maturity of being a nation, or aspiring to be one, as some would say.
Questioning whether our own legacy leaves behind a semblance of national pride, or whether the creation of the grassroots to our nationality, Gibraltarian, has already begun is amongst issues the images are aimed at sparking. It is not a Gibraltar flag just flying from a pole, or out of a window. It is not just a Gibraltar Flag, it is a Gibraltar flag in use, with significance, with value, or devalue, it is an object which can be related to, and which is more than just a mere cloth, but which in itself could be just a mere cloth.
The collection of images is I suppose my return to free speech. Political art, statements through images have always been an inspiration towards the creation of images, and as such narrative has always been a form of focus in my work.
So I suppose that after six years, fundamentally freedom to speak has arrived, but not verbally, or textually, instead it is taking the form of imagery.

More importantly, the collection is a realisation that in turning what for six years was termed as a hobby (although I never viewed it as such) into a prospective career move, it is a return to the realisation that the first route I embarked on was always towards the fine arts. To be such it is important to embrace the self, and not attempt to be others. Technique, visualisation, concept, form, all of them require to have my own signature, as I told a young lady recently when she was trying to imitate what she had seen in other models, it is no use trying to act like someone else since you are not them and it will always fall short from being like them, but there is no-one like you, be you, there is no other one like you. Whether others value who you are, what you are or what you do, does not really matter, as long as you know you are the best you can be of you.